kweenkyliekjenner said : Your blog is beyond perfect! love it <3 

Thank you :)

jennereverafter said : Heyyy! Don't mean to sound annoying but can you please share my blog? I'm new here :) xx 

Follow ^^^^^^

Anonymous said : What do you think Kylie would look for in a boyfriend ? 

Compassionate, adventurous, caring, selfie-taker, funny, loyal, trust-worthy, good listener :)

Anonymous said : Do you think in the future she will get her lips done? Or do you believe the fuller lips may just be a phase? 

I think it’s a trend and trends fade x

thatslaila said : I was wondering what do you think Kylie would wear to a Baseball game? & I love your a blog! Xx 

Thank you :) probably a cropped shirt with ripped jeans or jean shorts with booties or maybe black converse xxx